Grizzlies vs Bobcats Postgame


The grizzlies looked like they had just played an emotional and physical game the night before and flown into Charlotte at 3 a.m. while defeating the Bobcats on Saturday night.  The Bobcats pressed the grizzlies and ran non-stop making the game messy and tough for the Grizzlies to get into a groove, but in the end the Grizzlies superior talent won out.

The difference was the 18 turnovers the Grizzlies forced leading to 25 points.  Tony allen and Mike Conley combined for 7 steals and disrupted any offensive rhythm the Bobcats tried to get into.  The run the Bobcats made in the 4th quarter was mostly of hustle points on fast breaks and offensive rebounds.  The closed the gap to within 4 points until Zach Randolph hit two shots in the lane to shut the door.  

The game overall was a little boring to watch as each team shot just under 39% from the the field.  The Bobcats are a young scrappy team that lack a whole lot of skill and make the game messy.  A person can only take so many Byron Mullins jumpers (He took 21 shots to score 18 points).  

That’s pretty much it on the game, it was boring and the more talented team won for the sole fact that they were better. Memphis will remain on top of the NBA rankings, and Zach Randolph continued his double-double streak with 18 points and 12 boards.  

The Grizzlies win their 8th straight and will play their next game at the FedEx Forum on Monday against the Nuggets.