Grantland Grizz Article

Jonathan Abrams wrote a fantastic article on the Grizzlies culture and Lionel Hollins over at  He focussed on how Lionel Hollins coaches and where he got his coaching influence from.  I agreed with most and the piece and would add that with Coach Hollins you take the good with the bad.  He is a stubborn and hard man thats sticks to his guns.  Often, this works to the benefit of the Grizzlies, but sometimes you watch the grizzlies get roasted by Kobe Bryant because Coach Hollins is mad at Tony Allen for taking a bad shot.  Also, part of Hollins’ genius lies in the fact that he isn’t afraid to press different buttons.  He may run out a lineup of Bayless-Selby-Gay-Speights-Gasol to end a game because he thinks they give the team the best chance to win.  The downfall comes when the button he presses fails, which leaves the fanbase scratching their heads.  But anyway go check out the article at 

Heres the Link:


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